Friday, August 17, 2012

Eyebrows? Here's How

Life and time can be measured and marked in all kinds of ways, and mine can basically and accurately be split as follows: the time before I learned how to fill in my eyebrows, and after. People compliment my eyebrows all the time. I thank them, and tell them that they can live happily ever after with their own eyebrows, too! You too, blondes and gingers - in fact, especially you, blondes and gingers... you'll just need to use a color appropriate for you (taupe is often a good choice for the fairer sort). I even filled in my brows when I had bright pink hair, dying my brows the same color and using a coordinating lipliner to pencil my brows. Yep!

Anyway, I'm asked how to do the brow makeup often, so please enjoy the tutorial. What's not pictured is the basic groundwork: I get my brows waxed once every few months or so, and I tweeze and trim in between. Also, I must mention my friend Erin! Everything I know about how to fill in my brows, I learned from Erin Dish. Dig if you will her glorious self over at the blog Work With What You've Got, for she is awesome.

Yes, also, how about those circles, right? I know! I've always been prone to dark circles under my eyes - they are most obvious when I'm feeling poorly - and they were especially awesome in this set as I had three hours of sleep the night before. I'm hardcore like that.

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