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Breaking the silence: social media’s impact on the way we grieve by WIS10's Mary King

Unexpected tweets come from “RickCaffeinated” after death By WIS10's Mary King
Unexpected tweets come from “RickCaffeinated” after death By WIS10's Mary King

SCETV, Connections | Episode: Social Media

"Are you on FaceBook? Do you tweet constantly? On this episode, Connections talks with social media experts who give detailed accounts on what social media is, how this powerful new communication tool is being used, its impact on our lives, and sometimes, even our shopping habits."

WLTX, Columbia Community Rallies Around The Blue Cactus Cafe
Project: Help Julie
I created the Help Julie social media campaign, and the people of Columbia, the Five Points community in particular, jumped in wholeheartedly to do the same. In the video above, you see me standing between Debbie McDaniel, owner of Revente, Revente's Last Call, and Sid & Nancy, and Jon Sears, owner of Jake's on Devine and animal rescue advocate. We're all standing behind Amy Beth Franks, Director of the Five Points Association, and therefore appointed by all the rest of us to be the one who had to talk to the camera.

Multiple local businesses helped us Help Julie by offering percentage donations or setting out tip jars for Julie. Two of the most notable examples:
Crust Bakehouse, who donated $1 to Help Julie for each scone they sold on Friday, April 5, 2013. On that day, they were up and baking as of 2am. A good thing, too, since on that day, Crust's sales for a typical Friday tripled.
Jake's of Columbia, who held a benefit fundraiser on April 11, 2013. Five well-known, established Columbia bands played, with equipment donated for our use by Jam Room Recording Studio. One of those bands reunited after disbanding a number of years ago and with just one week to practice for a one night, one show, one set only performance: local legends 88 Rewind. They got the band back together for the fundraiser to Help Julie, and I personally collected $1100 in tips from the crowd as they played. Jake's donated 15% of sales between 4-9pm. There was magic in that bar, that night. I'm proud to have been a part of it.

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