Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hold On To Your (Clown) Butts

Just Look At This
Click to embiggen

Obviously I took this photo because I could use it to simultaneously accost both Tracy AND James, with a side of Renée. That's just how things are done. But it wasn't just that... it was the butt. The bare butt. The bare clown butt, which is the object of monkey hilarity (like you do).

This terrifying display of horror/horrifying display of terror is depicted on the exterior wall of a funhouse at the South Carolina State Fair. Lots of things are happening, here. First, the thing which grabbed my attention and possibly yours: That's a bare butt, right there.

In fact as we approached I said, to Tim, "Is that a bare butt, right there?" to which he replied "That is indeed a bare butt". It's almost as if it's an afterthought butt, though, and that bothers me. Like maybe the artist was doing something else and then was like "eh, an afterthought butt will do." Because the butt doesn't seem to be any actual cohesive part of this image.

Sidebar: That monkey is terrifying; it is wearing a pointy hat instead of a fez, and what's happening outside of the frame is some really unsettling monkey-on-monkey kickpuncher violence.

So. The clown is facing us, his nauseated audience. Which means his back is to the funhouse mirror. Which means his butt is facing the mirror, so, okay, a butt! Non-sequitur butt nudity! This is the focal point, this butt, and it captures one's attention so thoroughly, as bare butts are wont to do.

And I know why. It is because of the obviously haunted, utterly gut-wrenching, clearly disembodied, wrong-way, hat's not attached to the severed head, floating in space in evil backwardiness, HEAD.


Clowns. They're evil.


  1. First question. We can't see the actual butt region of the clown; we can only see its reflection. Is he walking around with his ass hanging out, or is this a magic mirror that shows you what you'd look like if your butt were suddenly exposed. Or what you'd look like if you had someone attach an additional butt onto your person and also give your whiteface makeup a green screen effect.

  2. Second question. Is this clown giving a Thumbs Down to his whole Butt Situation, because: I agree.


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